01: How Providing the Best Care Leads to Higher Profits and More Fulfillment with Josh Umbehr and Doug Nunamaker

In today’s episode, Dr. Josh and Dr. Doug share the exact strategy, services, and pricing they’ve used to grow their own direct-pay primary care (DPC) practice, Atlas MD, into a 3 physician practice.

They explain the common pitfalls they’ve seen other physicians make and a 5-step conversion checklist to convert a practice in  8-12 weeks.

Listen to This Show and Learn:

  • The Atlas MD model – The exact services Atlas MD uses in their 3 physician DPC practice
    • Reasonably priced – preferably cheaper for children
    • Unlimited visits, email and texts
    • Little to No co-pays
    • As many in house procedures as possible
    • At cost meds and labs
  • The car insurance analogy that Josh and Doug use to educate their patients on direct primary care and bring them into the practice
  • Why you should give your patients unlimited access via text and email
  • The exact process Josh and Doug use to convert physicians to DPC
    • Why it’s essential to help your patients figure out the best health insurance to go with your direct primary care practice
    • How Josh and Doug are able to show patients they’ll  save money by negotiating better costs for meds, labs, and other tests and offering simple procedures in the practice
    • An 8-12 week conversion template
      • 3 letters
        • An Introduction – Why I’m changing – Start with Emotion!
        • First Explanation of Model
        • Second Explanation of Model
      • Town Hall meetings
      • Staff education meetings
      • Designing pricing and a well rounded value proposition
  • How Josh and Doug recruited their staff
  • The mistakes Josh and Doug have seen kill other DPC practices
    • Starting pricing too high and value to low!
    • Trying to do too much at the beginning
  • If Direct Primary Care will make you a “whipping boy” for patients that want certain medications
  • How converting to a direct primary care model helped a physician go from feeling depress and a failure to fulfilled and successful
  • How direct primary care will affect the upcoming primary care physician shortage
  • The role of technology in the future of healthcare and direct primary care and how Josh and Doug believe it will lead to better care and more fulfilling work


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