05: Choosing the Right Pricing and Marketing with Dr. Matt Priddy of the AAPP

In today’s episode, Taylor talks with Dr. Matt Priddy, founder of Priority Physicians PC and current president of the American Academy of Private Physicians.

Dr. Priddy reveals his formula for determining your practice’s ideal pricing, patient panel size and service offerings, where he’s seen the best returns for his marketing and advertising spending and how to get featured in your local newspaper.

Listen to This Show and Learn:

  • The pricing and service offerings Dr. Priddy has used to build a 5 physician private practice in Indianapolis.
  • A formula for determining your pricing based on your desired patient panel size and services.
  • What a typical day looks like for Dr. Priddy in his practice now and how that’s changed over the last decade.
  • The demographic profile and mindset for a typical patient at Priority Physicians PC.
  • Why it’s essential you invest in your online presence and the best channels to invest in.
  • How to get featured in your local newspaper.
  • How the Affordable Care Act will impact concierge and direct pay medicine over the next 3-5 years.
  • A checklist of what you need in your EMR software as a private physician.


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