06: How You Can Start a Direct Primary Care Practice for less than $10k with Dr. Brian Forrest

On today’s episode of Concierge Medicine Radio, Taylor talks with Dr. Brian Forrest, a Family Physician at Access Healthcare Direct in Apex, North Carolina.

Dr. Forrest is a leader in the Direct Pay and Concierge Medicine movements has helped successfully transitioned dozens of direct pay practices across the country through his consulting and speaking.

Listen to This Show and Learn:

  • The shockingly simple math behind how reducing overhead and eliminating collections allows primary care physicians to spend more time providing better care while improving their take home pay.
  • How Brian kept his total operating expenses to $50k in the first year and how you can too.
  • The rule of thumb Brian uses to make all his purchasing decisions.
  • The two most effective forms of advertising for Brian’s direct pay practices.
  • How to choose your billing software and Brian’s recommendations.


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Dr. Forrest’s DPC Math

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