07: One Patient at a Time to a 7 Physician Concierge Practice with Dr. John Blanchard

In today’s episode, Taylor talks with John Blanchard of Premier Private Physicians and one of the founders of the American Academy of Private Physicians.

Dr. Blanchard shares his insights from having helped transition dozens of physicians from a traditional fee-for-service model to a concierge primary care model including how to set pricing and service offerings, why you should start small and the timeline and process he uses to help physicians transition.

Listen to This Show and Learn:

  • How John’s fathers experience in the hospital system drew him into medicine.
  • The pricing and services Dr. Blanchard has successfully offered for the last 13 years.
  • Why Dr. Blanchard believes it’s essential to treat the whole patient and how his concierge model facilitates that.
  • How Dr. Blanchard went from house calls to a 7 physician practice – one patient at a time.
  • The timeline and educational process Dr. Blanchard advocates for a successful transition to a concierge practice.
  • Why it’s essential to set a drop dead date for transitioning your practice.


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