14: Building a Retainer-based Functional, Integrative Medicine Practice with Dr. Ellie Campbell

In today’s episode, Taylor talks with Dr. Ellie Campbell of Campbell Family Medicine, a functional, integrative medicine practice in Cummings, Georgia right outside of Atlanta. Dr. Campbell has been operating a cash-only practice since 2005  and transitioned to a retainer based practice in 2009.

Dr. Campbell has learned a lot of lessons along the way and freely shares her experience on why you should never charge hourly for your service, how changing her pricing structure has made her practice more profitable and her patients happier and how to use speaking to bring patients into your practice.

Listen to This Show and Learn:

  • Two most effective marketing channels for bringing in Dr. Campbell’s ideal patients.
  • Dr. Campbell’s pricing and service offerings for an integrative, functional medicine practice.
  • Why Dr. Campbell uses a joining fee for new patients to protect her time and how it skyrocketed her patient retention rate.
  • How Dr. Campbell uses functional medicine and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement as a differentiator to bring in new patients.
  • How to generate referrals by hosting educational events.
  • Why you should not charge hourly for your services.
  • The advantages to weighting your fees for the first 6 months.
  • Why the ACA will drive more consumer to concierge and direct pay medicine
  • How to use gamification to improve your patients’ clinical outcomes
  • How to work from home as a concierge physician


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  • Mary_Pat_Whaley

    Great interview! Enjoyed it very much.

    • Thanks for dropping us a comment Mary and glad you enjoyed the show!

  • rondakay

    Fantastic! Thank you so much for this interview.