21: How Direct Primary Care Changes The Practice of Medicine with Dr. Rob Lamberts

In today’s episode, Taylor talks with Dr. Rob Lamberts based out of Augusta, Georgia about how he runs his Direct Primary Care practice and some of the fundamental, yet unexpected changes that have happened as a result of his transition.

From an improvement in his day-to-day happiness, more time with patients and better clinical outcomes, his transition into a DPC model has been a positive one.

Listen to This Show and Learn:

  • Why a desire to provide better care drove Rob to a Direct Primary Care model.
  • How Rob used the resources from his traditional practice to seed his new Direct Primary Care practice.
  • Why Rob chose to go it alone instead of working with a consultant.
  • How Rob structures his practice for a 1,000 person patient panel.
  • How Rob uses his existing patients on Facebook to reach more patients in the local area.
  • The most valuable technology resources in Rob’s practice.


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