22: The Hybrid Model, Consultants and Practice Design with Dr. Bruce Feldman

In today’s episode, Taylor talks Dr. Bruce Feldman of My Personal Doc NY. Dr. Bruce has a Concierge practice that he’s built from scratch out on Long Island, New York.

As one of the few physicians that has built his practice from scratch, he talks about that process and the lessons he’s learned about his practice, different concierge models and consultants along the way.

Listen to This Show and Learn:

  • How Dr. Bruce built his concierge practice based in Long Island from scratch.
  • Why Dr. Bruce believes the hybrid model is a poor choice for Concierge Physicians.
  • The Importance of developing a culture based around service in your office.
  • The math behind a Concierge practice’s overhead and patient panel.
  • Why do consumers expect better service at pottery barn than at the doctor?


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