About the Show

Concierge Medicine Radio is a weekly online radio show/podcast interviewing thought leaders, influencers, and physicians practicing direct pay and concierge medicine.

We talk about their practices and stories and get into the nitty gritty details to help physicians and other health care innovators like you learn how to launch, run and build a successful, patient-centered direct pay or concierge practice.

Our listeners are united by a passion to build a health care system focused on preventative medicine by keeping the focus of health care on the most important aspect, the patient-doctor relationship.

They believe that the role of a physician is that of a trusted advisor and caregiver to their patients and that physicians need the time to be able to do that.

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About the Host

Taylor Pearson - Host of Concierge Medicine Radio

Taylor Pearson – Host of Concierge Medicine Radio

I’m Taylor Pearson and I’m the host of Concierge Medicine Radio.

I was inspired to launch Concierge Medicine Radio when my dad and sister were in the process of transitioning from traditional medical practice to a direct-pay practice.

They were both burnt out and exhausted from their traditional practices and frustrated that they weren’t able to provide their patients with the level of care they deserved because of a poorly structured health care system.

When they started looking at how to reorganize their practice to be able to better serve patients, they had a lot of questions and couldn’t find a resource anywhere to help them truly understand how to transition and start a direct pay practice. While there was broad advice available, none of it was very actionable.

They kept asking, “But what does that actually look like? What should we do tomorrow?”

As a podcast and online radio junkie, I saw an opportunity to speak with people already practicing in direct pay and concierge models to help other physicians in my dad and sister’s situation better understand the realities and path to having their own successful patient-centered, direct pay practice.

To learn more about me, you can check out my personal blog where I talk about business, entrepreneurship and philosophy or follow me on Twitter.

You can also give  me a ring anytime on my cell at (619) 798-8274 or you can email me at taylor@conciergemedicineradio.com.